General Guidelines for Smart, Safe, Effective Flair Practice

1. Practice, practice, practice.

2. Service, service, service.

3. Practice at home, perform at work. Never try anything at work that you can't land at least 90% of the time at home.

4. Practice a lot. Take a break. Then practice some more.

5. Always flair safely. Never flair without mats on the ground. Never flair around co-workers who aren't comfortable with it or who don't know how to move around you.

6. Never flair drunk.

7. Practice with empty Malibu bottles - the plastic wrap holds it together in case it breaks. Or get a practice bottle from my bar supply store.

8. Practice with both your left and right hands. Learning basic moves with both hands, especially when you're beginning, will make you a better flair bartender and make many moves easier as you progress.

9. Wear shoes when you practice. Trust me.

10. Have fun!