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I Want His Job.

There's a great historic theater next to the bar I work in that occasionally hosts some really awesome shows. This past Saturday they played home to Zane Lamprey and his "Drinking Made Easy" tour for HDNet. Though he's done a lot of different projects, Zane is mostly famous for his TV show Three Sheets. It's a show where Zane and his friends travel the world and explore local drinking customs - basically, they go get piss-faced till sunrise in cool cities all over the planet. Apparently, they're on tour now with a comedy show that highlights them drinking all over the US. Word is they're filming 53 cities and are going to make 26 episodes for a new show. Here's to hoping Madison, WI made the cut.

I've got to be honest: I've never actually seen a whole episode of Three Sheets, but that's only because I don't have cable TV. My friend Drew has been telling me about it since day one and my co-worker Jamie has seen every episode and credits it for much of his knowledge of mixology (which is truly outstanding.) In fact, Jamie was about as excited as a 14 year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert to hear that Zane and his crew were going to be stopping into our bar. Unfortunately, the guys came in for lunch before Jamie and I were there so we didn't get a chance to meet him or get him drunk. However, the day bartender George said he and his crew were all nice, stand-up guys.

Are you guys familiar with Zane Lamprey? Have you seen Three Sheets? What do you think? The good news is that I just I found out Hulu has posted all four seasons of his show. I'm looking forward to catching up on them. If you're outside of the US, I know you can't watch videos on Hulu. However, it looks like you can also watch some episodes on Mojo, the network that sponsored the show.


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That's a badass job, and now i'm addicted to watching "Three Sheets". It's keeping me from doing my homework.

June 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCharlie

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