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Maybe. But probably not. I very strongly recommend learning everything else about bartending first. From drink recipes to giving good service to gaining experience. These things will benefit you much more than being able to flair and they are much more important to bartending than being able to flip bottles. That being said, being able to flair is a great skill to add on to everything else. Some bar owners love flair bartending, some are indifferent, but many are opposed to flair bartending because they think it slows down service and increases the chance of spilling product or breaking bottles. It is SO IMPORTANT that if you flair bartend, you are a good ambassador of flair. Exceptional service should always be your #1 priority. Spending 5 minutes to make 1 drink when you have 5 people waiting is just dumb. Spilling is not allowed. Good flair bartenders know that, when performed well at the appropriate times, flair can excite your customers, increase tips, and make a memorable experience for your guests.