FAQ > Chris The Bartender FAQ: > I’m currently working as a barback/bar support. How do I get my boss to realize that I’d make a great bartender?

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Simple. Be the best barback your boss has ever seen. I’ve worked with way too many barbacks who talked my ear off about how great they would be as bartenders. Meanwhile, my ice bin is empty and I’m out of beer. The proof is in the pudding. If you’re a barback, but you want to be bartending, work your butt off and don’t say a word about pouring drinks. Work so hard that your bartenders absolutely love you and dream about you when you’re not there. Oftentimes, bartenders have a say in recommending who they want promoted to work with them. If your bartenders and your boss see that you’re an awesome barback, they’ll be excited to have you bring that same energy and professionalism as a bartender.