FAQ > Chris The Bartender FAQ: > I want to be a bartender, but I’m having trouble finding a job. Every bar I apply to is only hiring bartenders with experience or cute girls in low-cut shirts. Do you have any advice on getting a job?

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If bartending is something you really want to do, be willing to start at the bottom. That means a few different things. At busy establishments, be willing to work as a bouncer or a busser; many bars only promote bartenders from within their current staff. Yes, it can be frustrating, but many professional bartenders had to pay their dues to get where they are. Nobody in any job field gets to start at the top. Be willing to work a year or two at a less popular establishment like a bowling alley or a small pub. And be willing to work the slow shifts - usually daytime or Monday/Tuesday nights. Get any job in any bar you can, focus on giving exceptional service and learning as much as you can, keeping flair to a minimum when you’re starting out.