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Depends on a number of factors, including where in the world you live, what type of bar or club you work in, what kind of experience you have, and how good you are at your job, among other factors. In the U.S., bartenders often make between $25,000 - $50,000/year. Bartenders at hot clubs in big cities can make $40-80,000 working four nights a week. I've met flair bartenders in Las Vegas whose salary is well into six figures. But they've paid their dues AND they’re among the best in the world. Jobs like that take years of experience to get into. The top earners in any field usually have the resume to justify it. To get an idea of what bartenders in your area make, spend a few nights a week at your favorite bar, tip the bartender well, offer to take him or her to lunch if you can “interview” them, and over lunch, ask politely how much they average on an average night. And if they'd prefer not to tell you, pick them up by the ankles, shake the money out of their pockets, and count it.