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Everybody Needs A Vacation This Time Of Year

Hello, dear reader. You may have noticed I've missed the last couple Filthy Fridays and Monday's Flair moves. I noticed, too. Truth is, I'm taking a break. Just a hiatus. I really want to make the site better, add some new features, overhaul the design, and get back to talking a little more about bartending, drinks, customers, etc. So, I'm taking a vacation. For about 2 months. I hope not to lose your readership - I've been surprised lately how much readership has actually grown. But, like I said, I want to make ChrisTheBartender.com even better.

If you want an email "heads up" for when ChrisTheBartender returns in full force, shoot me an email to barspecials at gmail dot com and write "Chris The Bartender" in the subject line.

And if you're a fan of the flair videos, you can still see them (and new ones) on YouTube. Just search for "Flair Bartending Basics" or "Flair Bartending Lessons." You'll find me.

Love you, readers! Thank you for your patronage. See you again in May!
Chris The Bartender


This is Why I'm Hot

So, for shits and giggles, I've been posting a "Learn to Flair Bartend" video on YouTube about once a week since July. I never had any intention of really reaching a lot of people, I just needed a video-hosting platform so I could post training clips on ChrisTheBartender.

I'm kind of excited to be able to say that last week my 20 videos hit 50,000 views. As of today, I've got 56,000+ views and almost 150 subscribers. I'm nowhere near Numa Numa kid, Chocolate Rain, or even the sneezing panda, but it's cool to see nonetheless. And getting messages from people in Argentina, Thailand, and Denmark, knowing that I'm helping people learn how to add some pizzazz to their bartending, that just about warms my heart like a fine 18 year-old scotch on a cold Madison night.

Thanks for watching. Keep practicing and I'll keep posting. It's been pretty basic, but we're about to get crazy real soon.