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Hooray Hooray, Whaddya Know It's May!

I said I'd be back in May. And I am a man of my word. Even if those words occasionally come out slurred by an Old Fashioned.

I'm still about a week away from totally pulling back the curtain, but I'm really excited with how things are looking. Total site redesign. Chris The Bartender will be a lot more user friendly and have all kinds of new crazy content coming. You can learn about wine, beer, new drinks, more flair moves, and even shop around a store to buy flair gear and bartending goodies. And dare I say a DVD in the works? Am I writing checks my butt can't cash? A bartender would never lie to you, would he?

So, like any good bartender, I'm whetting your appetite. Before I get you sauced. On information. Here's two new videos to keep you busy until next week. Enjoy, and as always, practice practice!