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Flame Retard(ant.)

This is why I don't use fire in my flair anymore. The bartender sounds like quite the rocket scientist.

I understand the appeal. I really do. I performed flair shows at Kahunaville for two years, and even though I spent weeks and months learning some ridiculously difficult flair moves, our simple fire blast always got the biggest crowd reaction. Yeah, it's kind of cool to see four people blow a big collective fireball. And it's even cooler to see someone juggling three bottles while someone blows a fireball off the flaming one balanced on the juggler's head. I love watching that, too. But spitting fire requires little skill. And definitely less brains.

I'm conflicted, because a truly fantastic bartender I work with performs a brief two-bottle routine most Fri/Sat nights, while both of the bottles are lit on fire. And he showcases some great skill in his two bottle routine. But people aren't reacting to that. They're reacting to the fire. I think even he would admit that if the bottles weren't lit, the crowd wouldn't take as much interest. Which sucks! I'd like to think the caveman in us isn't still mesmerized by the glow of fire, but I acknowledge that's just not the case. Until people can spot and appreciate real skill and talent like he (and Jeremy and I) love to showcase, bartenders like this will continue to burn people. And we'll continue to give the crowd what they want.


First Time in Las Vegas: Part Two

Anyone who talks about Las Vegas will sooner or later mention Fremont Street. The Fremont Street Experience is fun – though in Vegas, fun may not be enough. It's The Old Part of the Strip, The Original, where Bugsy and the rest of them originated everything that Vegas has to offer. There's been a movement to revitalize Freemont Street in the last few years and, while their light show is truly impressive and the nightlife has indeed improved, most people our age will find it slightly tired and would be better spent hanging out at MGM, the Luxor, Mandalay Bay, the Bellagio Water Fountains, Harrah's, the Palms, the Playboy Club, or Treasure Island. There's just too much to do to spend time at the old strip unless you're really concerned with history or you're in Vegas for more than 5 days. Oooh, speaking of Treasure Island, there's a Kahunaville in Treasure Island which you can't pass up if you're in the neighborhood. I believe they have Dueling Pianos most nights which are pretty entertaining (though Harrah's dueling pianos are better – and right next to Carnaval Court!) Even still, their bartenders are definitely worth stopping by for a drink – Rodrigo Cao and the rest of the crew will entertain the hell out of you and give you phenomenal service.

If you're a foodie, take a half hour before you depart to research a few restaurants and book reservations at some celebrity restaurant. Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril, and-then-some – they all have restaurants in Las Vegas. If you didn't book reservations for dinner, try lunch – you may be able to get in just by showing up and see what all the hype is(n't) about.

As for free entertainment, the Bellagio Water Fountains are worth seeing. I'm pretty sure they run every ½ hour or hour, and it's a great way to spend a few free minutes – they truly are fun to watch. Don't plan a night around it, but make sure you catch them on your way to somewhere.

Also, SEE A SHOW while in Vegas. There are a million great shows, from David Copperfield and Criss Angel to the Blue Men Group and a half dozen Cirque du Soleil shows all worth seeing. Zumanity was just as good – and sensually erotic – the second time I saw it. And don't forget the simple music/comedy revues and the topless classic shows that have been around since the 50s. They're generally cheaper and still entertaining, even without the nostalgia factored in.

And though you will probably take a few cabs while you're there (which just makes sense – the walking gets to be too much) don't ever fully trust the cabby's advice on anything. Most of them get paid for “referrals” - the # of people they drop off at some place, be it a strip club, nightclub, what-have-you. You're better off striking up conversation with someone walking the strip and asking them their opinion, or better yet talk to a gaming dealer. They live there, they know. Or, best of all, talk to your bartender. Bartenders always know everything.

Oh, and don't gamble. You'll only lose. There's a reason Nevada has no income tax for its citizens and there are big shiny hotel casinos in the middle of the desert.

That's about it. Johnny and Deb, I expect a drunken phone call while you're there.


Flair Video

After Joey's post last week I thought I would add a little video taken of me flairing at Kahunaville, courtesy of Kevron.