Drunk Driving
Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 12:12PM
Chris The Bartender in BAL, DUI, Drunk Driving, Legal limit, OWI, Random

It's 2008, for the record. Almost 2009. And drunk driving is still an issue, especially in states like Wisconsin that averages twice as many DUI/OWI as the national average. This blogger had an interesting post about our law makers in WI and drunk driving.

If you like to get drunk, sweet. I'm your legal drug dealer. But if you drive, you're a douche. It's simple. It really is. Know your limit. It's also interesting to see what else is going on with your body when you're drunk. Impaired sexual pleasure at .06-.10? That completely changes my dating strategy...

I hear it all the time in my bar, co-workers, friends. Another story about how plastered they got, the women they didn't go home with, how many shots they did, and then the ubiquitous "Man, I can't believe I drove home. That was stupid." Believe it. You are. Let's start with a clean slate. All past dipshit moves are forgiven. But from now on, the rules are changed. The next time I hear that same story I'm making a pledge to berate, belittle, and otherwise insult them. And I consider it doing them a favor. I hope you'll do the same.

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